Sing Through the Seasons

This Gnome’s Home parent-child music class is based on the idea that children are naturally musical. If exposed to rhythm, song, and dance from an early age, they can more easily develop their natural musicality and future interest in learning to play instruments.

Sing Through the Seasons consists of songs, chants, movements, and dances that flow from one to another. Ms Gabrielle leads each piece on a variety of instruments with little oral instruction given. Parents are encouraged to follow along in class, modeling participation for their children. Families are encouraged to weave singing class songs into their natural rhythm at home throughout the week.

It is a joy to see children delight in the familiarity of the music as the series builds on itself. It is wonderful to watch them express their happiness through dance as they watch and listen to their parents sing goofy lyrics about frogs, flowers, seasons, and baby belugas.


Gabrielle Macrea

Gabrielle Macrea

Parent-Child Music Teacher

Gabrielle Macrae grew up in a musical family in Portland and has been playing music for most of her life.  She began teaching Appalachian string band music over ten years ago as part of an after-school program for low-income elementary school students in rural North Carolina.

Ms Gabrielle has worked in Portland Public Schools leading workshops on traditional Appalachian music and dance. She has taught and performed at numerous music camps and festivals across the country as well as in Great Britain and Ireland.

Ms Gabrielle plays fiddle, banjo, guitar, and bass, and she has performed and toured with many bands. She currently plays in the Horsenecks, The Macrae Sisters, the Waysiders, and Hook and Anchor.

Listen to Ms Gabrielle HERE

Gnome's Home Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made prior to 2-WEEKS before the first day of class will receive a 50% REFUND.*
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There are no refunds made once class has begun.

There are no refunds made for cancellations made prior to class registered for.*
There are no refunds made once class has begun.

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